About WTA

Wilmar Teacher's Association (WTA) is comprised of the teachers at Wilson School. Each year we engage in collective bargaining with the district to come to an agreement on salary, benefits, working conditions and other contract language. We are currently bargaining for the 2019-2020 school year and wish to secure a 3-year contract so we can get on with the jobs we love. By giving us a 3-year contract, we are ensuring that raises for teachers are IN the budget and that they plan around that, rather than budgeting all other expenditures and then reporting there is nothing left for us.

You will see teachers at Wilson School wearing red on Mondays. This "Red for Ed(ucation)" is a movement country-wide for teachers to be paid better so that they can live and thrive in the communities in which they teach. If you care to join us in wearing red, we can show the board and administration that we are a united team!